McGregor Shares Personal Memory & Photo From When He Was Dirt Poor

“Notorious” has gone to Instagram to wish everyone a happy Monday and to remind himself of past days with financial woe.

UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor was not always “Notorious.” Coming from humble beginnings, the UFC warrior is now worth millions.

In his most recent venture, the champion is attempting to set up an epic cross-promotional bout with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. in what would be the largest payday of his career.

In his post, “Notorious” said “Christmas day 2011 with my sisters Erin and Aoife ❤ Not a cent to my name and I owed my bollox out I decided to stay in my pyjamas that year hahaha still smiling like I was sitting on the Forbes list tho god bless everyone on the climb you can do it happy Monday ❤”