Missing Man Found Dead, Inside Belly Of 7m-Long Python [Graphic Video Included]

An Indonesian man, missing since Sunday, was tragically found inside the belly of a python, after being eaten by the snake.

The father of two’s body was recovered after authorities opened up the snake and removed him.

The Local Media reports:

JAKARTA – A man missing since Sunday (March 26) in Indonesia has been found dead inside the belly of a 7m-long python, according to reports.

Akbar Salubiro, 25, had not been seen since setting off to harvest palm oil in a remote village on the island of Sulawesi.

A search found the giant python sprawled out next to his garden with the 25-year-old’s boots clearly visible in its stomach, according to a report in the Tribun Timur. Villagers then used a large knife to cut open the snake’s belly slowly revealing the father-of-two’s body.

Here’s a video, but warning, it’s extremely graphic: