Olivi Opens Up About The Complications Of UFC Gig As A Fighter’s Wife

Megan Olivi is a reporter and host for the UFC. Her husband Joseph Benavidez is a flyweight competitor for the promotion. This has created an awkward moment on occasion.

In a recent interview with MMA Junkie Radio, Olivi elaborated on the situation.

“I’ve worked almost every single one of his fights, wins and losses.” Olivi said. “It’s never, to me, something I even think about. I’m going to be there, regardless. And, no matter what, when he fights, the only thing I don’t like is people watching me watch him.”

Olivi explained that being backstage is usually a better time during his fights, with less people to impose.

“When I’m backstage, doing my job for the broadcast, most of the time there’s only a producer with me anyway, so people might be passing by but nobody’s – it’s not like there’s fans around or anything. So as long as no one’s watching me watch him, I’m fine either way.” She said.

Olivi did address the situation of being a reporter and having personal ties to a fighter.

“With my job, it’s kind of frowned upon a little bit that people would tie the two of us together in that emotional capacity. No matter what, I can always do my job, he can always do his. So I just think the more we kind of separate – because I am a psycho when he fights. I lose my mind.

“I watch fights for a living. I know what’s going on. I know why fighters are doing things. When he fights, I’m like, ‘Oh my God, what’s happening?’ I don’t need people seeing that – no one needs anyone to see that – so we just kind of keep it hidden.”