Schaub Says Mayweather Bringing In The Wrong UFC Fighter For McGregor Mimic

UFC lightweight Kevin Lee is being brought into Mayweather’s fight camp in preparation for his potential bout with McGregor. The idea of Lee mimicking McGregor for Mayweather’s camp is former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub off.

In a recent episode of the Big Brown Breakdown podcast, as transcribed by Bloody Elbow, Schaud said

“I wouldn’t say Kevin Lee is a good mimic of Conor McGregor. Lee’s base is wrestling. This is just [Mayweather] not knowing the sport.

“If [Mayweather’s team] should do anything, they should bring in, as money is no issue to Floyd, that Brazilian cat [Jonas Bilharinho] that Jose Aldo used to mimic McGregor. Granted, it didn’t work out for Aldo but [Bilharinho] moves like Conor.

“I’ve never seen one move like Conor McGregor [but] the guy in Brazil that Aldo used is similar. He’s unorthodox and Mayweather needs an unorthodox striker to get ready for McGregor.”

An official announcement has not yet been made for Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor’s potential bout.