UFC Loses Another Fighter In Free Agent Bidding War

The UFC has been shedding its roster as of late. The promotion let go of 34 total fighters in a single spree just last month. Now, it would appear that welterweight Albert “Einstein” Tumenov will be leaving the promotion as well.

Tumenov posted the news to Instagram. The fighter mentioned that a recent illness is to blame for his current losing streak. Tumenov received treatment in South Korea and claims the treatment went well.

When Tumenov and the UFC could not achieve an acceptable contract, the welterweight elected for free agency.

Here is a rough translation of the message,

“My friends and fans. Recently, I received a call from the UFC organization, with a proposal to rewrite the contract, the terms of the proposal were unacceptable, and most likely I’ll be a free agent. Thank God, now a lot of other organizations, even in Russia, which has come on the heels of the UFC. My last two defeats were due to my illness, as you know, I was recently in Korea, and praise God the treatment was successful. Now you will see this ‘Einstein.’ What organization? We will see.”

Tumenov is currently 17-4, while coming off of a two fight losing streak. His most recent loss was to Leon Edwards at UFC 204 last year.

Моим друзьям болельщикам. Недавно мне позвонили из организации UFC, с предложением переписать контракт, условия предложение были неприемлемые, и скорее всего я стану свободным агентом. Слава Всевышнему сейчас много других организации, даже в России которые уже наступают на пятки UFC. Мои последние два поражения, были обусловлены моей болезнью, как вы знаете недавно я был в Корее, и хвала Всевышнему лечение было удачным. Теперь вы увидите настоящего "Эйнштейна" . В какой организации? Посмотрим. #ufc #tumenov

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