Belfort Will Cancel Retirement Plans If The UFC Grants Him This One Wish

When a former champion and legend of the sport enters into a losing skid at the ripe age of 40, fans start calling for their hero to call it a career.

In the case of Vitor Belfort though, he has a different idea.

“The Phenom” has been making a case for the UFC to start a legends division. A division made for the old guys who still have a competitive drive.

Belfort stated,

“Or if they create an organization just for the legends, then I can extend it a little bit more. But, to train for a five round fight is very sacrificing for my body.”

Vitor lost on Saturday to Kelvin Gastelum, following the bout he stated he wants to finish his 1 fight contract, then ride off into the MMA sunset. However, if the UFC wants to include him in a new division for aging fighters, Belfort is all in.

In a recent tweet MMA Fighting reported, “Belfort: I say again, I reiterate that I think it would be great to have a division for the legends. New rules, new-sized gloves.”

Is this a good move for the UFC?