Watch Nick Diaz Blaze A Fatty Right Before This Triathlon

Nick Diaz has posted a new video to the Fancy Combat YouTube account. This time, Diaz can be seen prepping for a triathlon training session, prepping the way only Diaz does.

UFC welterweight Nick Diaz is an experienced triathlon competitor and alleged user of marijuana. In the video above, Diaz combines the two concepts with a little prep work.

In the video, Diaz can be seen wrapping and smoking what appears to be a joint, before gearing up for triathlon practice.

Nick Diaz is coming off of a no contest match-up against Anderson Silva at UFC 183 in 2015.

Silva initially achieved a unanimous decision victory over Diaz, but a USADA hearing altered the result to a no contest. Silva was banned for a failed drug test, thereby altering the night’s fight.