Weekend MMA Fight Ends With New Swinging Opponent In Circles Choke

Every now and again the MMA sport is graced with something new, something people have not seen before. While light heavyweight Ajmal Atalwal’s victory at OFS 11 may not have been terrible graceful, it was terribly entertaining.

Saturday hosted the 11th Octagon Fighting Sensation event, in which Ajmal Atalwal faced off against Krzysztof Golaszewski. Atalwal locked in a tight guillotine choke on his opponent, from the standing position. Displeased with the notion of forgoing the choke, Atalwal decided to simply spin Golaszewski around the ring. Golaszewski’s feet in the air, the light heavyweight went flying in circles. After a few good spins, Atalwal managed to get Golaszewski to the ground, holding his guillotine choke all the while.

Atalwal submitted Golaszewski on the ground, with perhaps one of the most bizarrely unorthodox takedowns ever performed in an octagon.

In the above Instagram post of the strange moment, Caposa captioned “This just happened at OFS 11. I love MMA.” After a video like that, what’s not to love?