When Conor Threw Cans At Nate Diaz, He Hit A Girl, Hospitalized Her

Professional mixed martial artists shooting off at each other is nothing new. Trash talking has become nearly as prevalent in the sport as the fighting itself. Yet, every now and again fighters go too far. Last August, in the pre-fight press conference of UFC 202, UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz decided to throw water bottles at each other, because words apparently simply could not cut it.

Nate Diaz fired the first shot. As he was unceremoniously walking out on the conference, Diaz and McGregor began cursing at each other. Nate threw a bottle at the champion and the champion responded in kind.

The unfortunate thing is that some were caught in the crossfire of McGregor and Diaz’s display, including a young girl.

Allegedly, McGregor eventually began throwing cans of Monster Energy Drink and accidentally struck a young sister of one of the members of Team Diaz.

In an interview with MMA Fighting, UFC featherweight Chris Avila explained that the girl was allegedly taken to the hospital because of the incident.

“What Conor [McGregor] did was wrong. He shouldn’t have been throwing cans like that, and hit a little kid. We just threw water bottles. Should have kept it with the water bottles. I know my buddy’s little sister got hit in the head with a Monster can. They went to the hospital, so I haven’t heard back. But I know she’ll be alright, but, still. She’s like, only twelve years old. I know a little girl shouldn’t be in the gunfire but…”