A Highlight Of Joe Rogan’s Most Controversial Moments

A Highlight Of Joe Rogan’s Most Controversial Moments, video below article.

As a comedian and free thinker, UFC commentator Joe Rogan has never been afraid to voice his own opinion. Rather the view skews away from that of the rest or not, Rogan has a tendency to speak his mind.

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight competitor Brendan Schaub has grown a relationship with the commentator, as he regularly appears on his podcast. In one of the episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience, Schaub and Rogan have a heart to heart.

Shortly after Brendan Schaub’s loss to Travis Browne at UFC 181, Rogan shared his thoughts with the heavyweight on what he believes to be the fighter’s future in the division.

Being frank with Schaub, Rogan explained that he believes the heavyweight already had “one foot out the door.” The entire conversation can be found below.