Animated Classic Puts Anderson Silva Opposite Jon Jones In Kidnapped Street Fight Scene

The newest owners at Ultimate Fighting Championship tend to completely ignore the official rankings in favor of pitting two of the biggest names in the sport against each other to sell pay-per-views for a super fight. If there was any doubt to this, just take a look at Michael Bisping’s first championship defense against Dan Henderson who was nowhere near the top-ten at the time.

In a day and age where not a lot of super fights exist, fans would have killed for this type of mentality years ago when names like Brock Lesnar, Jon “Bones” Jones, Anderson Silva, and Georges St-Pierre were all in the primes of their careers.

Long before Daniel Cormier captured the vacant light heavyweight championship, Jones reigned supreme in the octagon as the champion of the weight class. He dominated whoever officials put in front of him and escaped with the gold strapped around his waist every single time.

Silva was more dominant than Jones can claim to be due to the fact that he defended his championship ten times in a row before suffering his first defeat in the octagon at the hands of Chris Weidman. Jones and Silva never squared off, but this animator was excited to pit the two legends against each other:

Who do you think would win in real life?