Artem Lobov Breaks His Silence On Recent Loss, And He’s Not Feeling Too Great

Conor McGregor sparring partner Artem Lobov was granted a rare opportunity last month.

Unranked on the UFC’s official system, UFC executives granted Lobov a top 5 featherweight opponent… And that hardly ever happens. The company also gave him a main event slot, equally shocking based on his position in the ranks.

Still though, Lobov’s connection with McGregor is such that the UFC could back a card on his name alone, and that’s what they did.

However, despite his confidence, Artem fell short in his outing against Cub Swanson, and he’s remained relatively silent on the topic. Until now.

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“You win or you lose – that’s it,” Lobov said after the event. “I came to win, so … I don’t feel great, but what are you going to do? This is the fight game. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. What else can I say?”

“I have enough confidence,” Lobov said. “Every time I step in there, even if there’s a gorilla in front of me, I think I can win. I step in there, I’m 100 percent sure I can win, and I go for the win. Sometimes I come up short, but what are you going to do? But I don’t need any more confidence, I have all the confidence in the world.”