Bisping Calls Luke Rockhold “Bitter” — Here’s Why!

“The Count” was recently featured on The MMA Chat, in which the champion took a minute to address his beef with former champion Luke Rockhold.

UFC middleweight champion Michael “The Count” Bisping avenged his submission loss to the former champion at UFC 199, knocking Rockhold out in the first round.

Ever since their initial match a UFC Fight Night 55, the two warriors have had a bit of a beef.

Bisping went on The MMA Chat to try to explain why he finds Rockhold bitter.

“I have nothing against Luke. He was on UFC Tonight on Wednesday. He was just seething anytime my name was brought up. You could see the hostility on his face.” Bisping said.

Later bringing up Rockhold’s recent claim that the UFC is growing reminiscent of the WWE because of Bisping’s incipient title fight against Georges St-Pierre, Bisping explained.

“Of course, that could have been Rockhold had I not knocked him out. So, he’s a little bitter about the situation.”