BJJ Competitor Refuses To Tap, Gets Arm Snapped In Half — Graphic

Tapping in a grappling match is not a matter of bravado or pride. It’s a matter of personal safety. However, sometimes things become too stressful for the body before one can even realize it. For this competitor, that was about to become painfully clear.

Flo Grappling recently released a video of two Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitors going at it. After locking in a kimura submission on his opponent, the competitor began pouring on the pressure. When his opponent failed to tap, the match quickly ended in injury.

Once locked in the dangerous submission, the competitor can be seen attempting to change position to lessen the pressure. The submission attempt lasted multiple seconds, as the competitor resisted giving in to his opponent.

After many seconds of applied pressure, the man’s arm broke with a cringing snap. The arm can be seen torqued in the wrong direction upon break. With a sever compound fracture potentially in the competitor’s future, another reason for submitting to a successful submission seems to have presented itself.

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: Absolutely brutal submission. Not for the faint of heart. @ethancrelinsten

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Here’s another epic snap: