Brock Lesnar Takes Job As Security Guard, Fails Miserably

Professional wrestler turned mixed martial artist (turned professional wrestler) Brock Lesnar is one of the baddest men to ever step foot inside the octagon. In his debut, he nearly pummeled Frank Mir into submission before literally walking into a leg lock. Not even three fights later, Lesnar avenged his loss to Mir solidifying himself as the sole heavyweight champion in the process.

A battle with diverticulitis sidetracked Lesnar and ultimately pulled him away from the octagon the first time, but after dominating the squared circle Lesnar picked right back up where he left off at “UFC 200”, dominating Mark Hunt.

Lesnar instills fear in every single person that he comes in contact with, and the situation was no different when Lesnar worked as security for ESPN in a commercial that went viral.

Brock’s acting chops may not be up to par, but when he’s cast as a bada** who does whatever he wants while wrecking whatever he wants, there’s not much to rehearse for! Watch Lesnar’s viral clip directly below:

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