Conor’s Coach And John Wayne Parr Witness A Street Fight, Here’s What They Did


It would appear that simply talking about fighting managed to conjure up an actual brawl in real time for these two professionals. While they stayed collective and cool, the two unknown individuals put on a little scuffle.

SBG Ireland head coach John Kavanagh recently met up with kickboxing competitor John Wayne Parr to talk about UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor, among other things. However, things quickly sidetracked as a street fight broke out just a few steps away from the two professionals.

John Kavanagh and John Wayne Parr stopped their conversation, when they heard the scuffle, and began watching the foray. Two men began yelling at each other, before one of them grabbed the other around the neck and pulled him away from the street.

Kavanagh jokingly said, “I’ll coach him and you get the other guy,” as he pointed to one of the individuals. The odd incident can be seen in the video above.