D.C. Addresses Towel-Gate: ‘If I defend my belt again I need to make the weight’

UFC 210’s weigh-ins cultivated a little controversy when light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier registered 1.2 pounds overweight on the scales. While the fighter eventually made weight, Cormier seemed to have a difficult time getting to 205 pounds.

In a recent interview with UFC on FOX, Cormier explained that this was the toughest weight cut he has dealt with to date.

“It was very tough. It was the toughest weight cut that I’ve had, to this point. I’m getting older, so the weight’s not moving like it was before.” he said.

Cormier then admitted, “If I have to fight at 205 to defend the title, obviously I’m going to have to make the weight.”

Cormier went on to defeat Anthony “Rumble” Johnson at last night’s UFC 210.