D.C. — ‘Rumble only has one way to beat me’

With another UFC pay-per-view well on its way, it means it’s time for another media conference call. This time around, light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier had some strong statements for opponent Anthony Johnson’s only path to victory next weekend.

Daniel Cormier is set to defend his title in an epic rematch main event against KO artist Anthony “Rumble” Johnson at UFC 210 next weekend. With the event quickly approaching, the two fighters phoned in for a media conference call on Thursday.

When Johnson was asked how he imagines himself defeating Cormier without his hands, Johnson paused. The champion was quick to fill the dead air space.

“He does not believe that if he doesn’t knock me out, he’s going to get his hand raised. That’s why he didn’t answer your question. Anthony’s a smart guy. He won’t lie to you. He’s honest and he’s smart.” Cormier said.

Johnson then attempted to retort, but Cormier simply talked over his opponent.

“He has no doubt in his mind that if he doesn’t knock me out, he’s (not) going to win. So don’t waste your breath and your time. He knows. He knows his only path to victory.” Cormier claimed.