Dana White Defends The New York Commission Following Error Rich UFC 210

UFC 210 did not go without its controversy. Last night’s co-main event say former middleweight champion Chris Weidman face off against Gegard Mousasi. The fight faced a sudden stoppage, as Mousasi was delivering knees to the head of his opponent. The referee believed them to be illegal knees, prompting his decision to stop the fight. It was later determined that the strikes were legal, leaving Weidman at a bitter third consecutive loss.

With New York having recently opened itself to the MMA prospect, many have begun to question the commission’s ability with the sport.

In a recent interview with UFC on FOX, UFC President Dana White defended the commission.

“Obviously the NYSAC is…it’s basically 2001 for them. These guys just legalized it. They’re having these major events now. There are going to be mistakes. But, it was actually the referee who made the mistake in this one. It’s one of those things.”