Dillon Danis And His Wanna Be El Chapo Button Up Aren’t Fooling Anyone

Dillon Danis may claim to be Bellator’s top paid fighter, but his generic wanna be el chapo button up says otherwise.

We get what’s going on here. He’s taking every move he makes directly from Conor McGregor’s playbook. The only problem with it, is that for one, it’s obvious. And, two… he doesn’t have the pockets to pull it off.

His attempt at channeling Conor McGregor’s El Chapo persona was not only a complete fail, but it was embarrassing to watch.

Here’s how he repped during last night’s Bellator event:

Are you buying what Danis is selling or would you prefer him just be himself and get off the Conor routine?

… At least until he can afford the Gucci mink.