Expert Referee Herb Dean Explains What Went Wrong In Weidman vs. Mousasi

UFC 210 cultivated some controversy when the night’s co-main event went down. Former middleweight champion Chris Weidman was looking to pull himself out of a two fight losing streak in a bout against Gegard Mousasi for the co-main event.

However, after a controversial stoppage, Weidman found himself on a bitter three fight losing streak. The stoppage occurred after Mousasi landed knees to the head of his opponent. The strikes were initially believed to be illegal, but later determined as legal blows. The end result of the stoppage was a TKO loss for Chris Weidman, though it began as a five minute recovery period for an illegal blow.

Following the contentious stoppage, fighters and fans have started dishing out their thoughts on the fight. Among them, referee veteran Herb Dean decided to break down what really went on in the controversial decision.

Recently interviewed on SiriusXM’s Luke Thomas Show, Dean explained that one of the issues is that referees are always working to be in a good position to officiate their fight. Being in a bad position can cause for a bad call.

For Herb Deans entire breakdown of the highly debated call, see the video below.