Female Grappler Sucker Punches Opponent During BJJ Competition

Regardless of what art you practice, there should be a sense of honor in every single movement that you execute. Being mindful and respectful of your opponent is a major part of practicing a martial art, so when this grappler threw a punch at her opponent the gym was shocked.

Moscow, Russa hosts a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition called “BJJ Party” where grapplers get to prove themselves amongst the best in their area. Two females went toe to toe in competition and after the match, and by the time the fight had wrapped up, tempers were flaring.

The fighter was able to submit her foe after working her into a tight armbar attempt. Both women made their way to the center of the mat for the official decision and after it was read, the victor decked the loser in the mouth! Watch it all play out in the clip above.

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