It’s On! Conor’s Head Coach Says Mayweather vs. McGregor Now Official

SBG Ireland head coach John Kavanagh went to Twitter yesterday to mess with some hopeful fans on April Fools Day.

Ending his savage spree “#aprilfoolsday,” Kavanagh gave some news on his top pupil. He said “Finally the news is confirmed. Conor v Mayweather. Let’s do this!”

With UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor’s potential match-up against Floyd Mayweather JR. being on everyone’s tongues for weeks, it seemed like the obvious choice for the head coach on this day most cruel, April Fools.

Kavanagh kept up the gig as long as he could, before revealing to the fans that it was all in good fun.

McGregor and Mayweather are still working out the details of their epic cross-promotional match-up.