Mighty Mouse Reacts To Latest Low Ratings, Blames The UFC

UFC on FOX 24 went down last weekend, with flyweight champion Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson defending his belt from challenger Wilson Reis in the main event. Johnson made his tenth title defense in that Kansas, City Missouri arena.

While “Mighty Mouse” tied Anderson Silva’s coveted record for most consecutive title defenses at the event, the event itself did not seem to do quite as well. In fact, FOX ratings for the promotion reached an all-time low.

Demetrious Johnson gave his opinion on the matter within the new edition of The MMA Hour. As transcribed by MMA Mania, Johnson said ““I went on Twitch and said, ‘I want to ask anyone in the world, have any of you guys seen a commercial for my fight against Wilson Reis?’”

Johnson continued, “And everyone was like, ‘no, no no.’ One guy said, ‘I saw one on UFC.com YouTube channel.’ I’m like ‘okay, I haven’t seen one either. And you know what I watch all day? Fox Sports 1 and Fox becasue I watch Monster Jam for the kids.”

“The first time I saw a commercial for my fight was UFC 210. The first time I saw a commercial was one week before my fight. No one here around here knew I was fighting, just because they didn’t see any commercials,” said Johnson. “You have to take into account, how much advertising did they do? I put that in the back of my mind and then don’t worry about it and go out there and put it out of my mind and put on my performance.”