Nate Diaz’s Dog Snatched His Bag Of Pot, Eats It … And We Have The Pics To Prove It

UFC lightweight competitor Nate Diaz has recently gone to Instagram to share some information about his dog. Apparently, the pet has perhaps gotten into more than initially expected.

Nate Diaz has been spending his time training and competing in various events during his time away from the UFC. While the competitor has not fought inside the octagon since his UFC 202 rematch with Conor McGregor, the fighter has been recently pursuing triathlon events.

Now, Diaz has gone to Instagram so say “My dog stole my weed.” Alongside the post, Diaz has provided as image of the dog with something in his mouth, as someone attempts to remove the object from the dog’s jaws.

The Instagram post can be viewed below.

My dog stole my weed.. ?

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