One Handed MMA Fighter Is An Inspiration — Watch!

For many mixed martial arts athletes, fighting is a hobby. For those talented and focused enough, it transforms into a profession. But for some individuals, fighting is a predisposed way of life. Rather the combat goes down inside a cage, on the mat or in a hospital bed, some people have to face a struggle every day.

As reported by, MMA fighter Geoff Villarreal is one-handed, with a history of testicular cancer and a near fatal liver disorder. Still, the amateur fighter has progressed through a world of athletics in his lifetime.

Geoff Villarreal’s introduction to the world of MMA was wrestling. After spending some time with the sport, Villarreal decided to put his efforts towards Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Villarreal would go on to get a black belt in the martial art.

After earning his black belt, Villarreal moved on to the sport of mixed martial arts. With a few amateur fights under his belt, Villarreal hopes to score his professional debut later this year.