Real Army Hero Survives Suicide Bomb, Wants To Take On MMA Fight Next

Terrence Devine, 49-year-old U.S. Army veteran, was injured in a suicide bombing attack. As reported by, the veteran suffered heavy injuries from the attack, but has not let the experience slow him down. Now, he wants to fight in MMA.

On January 19, 2012, Terrence Devine was attacked by a suicide bomber. The incident left the veteran with serious wounds. “I hospitalized and went through therapy for over seven or eight months,” Devine said.

“My head was split open, C1 and C7 fractures, right leg fracture, right arm fracture, eight broken ribs, flail chest and collapsed lung. I went flat line and died six times altogether between the vehicle I was blown up in, the vehicle that transported me, the helicopter that transported me, and in Kandahar Air Base Hospital.” He explained.

Now, the U.S. Army veteran is looking to compete in mixed martial arts. In order to achieve his goal, Terrence Devine now has a GoFundMe page to help shore up the finances required to enlist in a camp at Jackson-Wink in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I have literally fought for my life since my competition days, on too many occasions considering my professions. From surviving an explosion targeted for me from a suicide bomber in Afghanistan, to being attacked by multiple opponents with hand to hand combat in Iraq. I have been between both for the past decade I served overseas.

I have since recovered enough to function, teach, and fight but not 100% yet of the man and fighter I used to be for cage fighting.

It is my endeavor to once again fight in an MMA (MIXED MARTIAL ARTS) competition for my age group in the ring. I AM 49 YEARS OLD….I have been fortunate to be offered this chance. From stateside to as far as Brazil where I accepted a challenge from another in my shoes, but he could not find a willing opponent until me.

The funds raised will be utilized for training, travel, PT and equipment necessary to assure I am 100% ready. I dream of this often and want my family (sons mostly) to see me fight for the first time.