Real Life Comedian Engages In Bloody Boxing Battle With Pro

When two Average Joes step into the octagon or the squared circle to test each other’s might and push each other to the limit, chances are a train wreck will ensue and as the saying goes, “You just won’t be able to turn your head to look away.”

World-famous comedian Ricky Gervais actually made his way into the boxing ring one day to test himself. Gervais, who has always been a fan of boxing, met Grant Bovey in the ring for a segment on a BBC show called “The Fight”.

The episode followed both Gervais and Bovey in their paths to the boxing ring, with Gervais training in the famous ‘Fight Factory’ in London. Gervais admitted he was “the most unfit I’ve ever been in my life” before stepping into the ring, but he was an avid fan of the sport and wanted to learn.

When the action unfolded, you could tell that neither man was trained or in peak condition but they fought their hearts out in a fight that saw some blood shed! Check out the segment from the television show in the clip above!

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