Rogan Puts UFC Fight Pass Promoter On Blast For Unprofessional Match Making

Lion Fight 36 went down last night, with a lopsidedly dominant performance from Lerdsila “Mr. Lightning” Chumpairtour.

Chumpairtour faced Jacob Hebeisen, after an injury forced Sergio Wielzen out of the night’s main event. In the bout, Chumpairtour dominated his opponent with a stunning knockout that has brought many to question why the two fighters were pinned against each other in the first place.

With 183 wins on his record, Chumpairtour was facing an opponent with no professional Muay Thai fights. The odd matchup has left fans and fighters stirring. Among them, UFC commentating veteran Joe Rogan has gone to Twitter to voice his opinion.

“.@LionFight, I love you guys but please don’t ever match up a guy who is 183-31-5 vs a guy with ZERO pro Muay Thai fights ever again. Thanks.” Rogan said over Twitter.