“Rumble” and D.C. Go At It Before Live Broadcast, But Cameras Were Rolling

With UFC 210 right around the corner, the promotion has been releasing a new series of “Embedded” videos. The fifth episode of UFC 210 Embedded did not go without its drama.

During the episode, light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier and opponent Anthony “Rumble” Johnson got into a few funny dialogue moments before an interview.

The two fighters were being recorded as they sat in their chairs, waiting to be interviewed.

“Is there any way to shut this (expletive) guy up? He’s laughing in my ear.” Cormier joked as Johnson chuckled in the background.

Cormier continued to discuss how he wishes to stop talking about Jon Jones, with his fight against “Rumble” being on his mind.

“I’m gonna just be like, ‘(expletive) him’,” Cormier said, claiming he would speak that way of Jon Jones in the incipient interview. Johnson jovially bet Cormier money that he wouldn’t do it.

Daniel Cormier and Anthony Johnson seem relaxed and cordial in preparation for their incipient main event at UFC 210.

UFC 210 goes down tomorrow night inside the KeyBank Center in Buffalo, New York.