Rumor: Conor McGregor Under Irish Police Surveillance After Brutal Bar Fight Gone Wrong

Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) star in Conor McGregor has been sitting on the sidelines waiting for his fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. to start materializing. In the meantime, Conor has been flying around the world and most recently came from Liverpool where he put on a live event.

McGregor allegedly had a run in with the car service who he rented his car from while in Liverpool, apparently getting banned for life from using their service for standing on one of their cars. McGregor stood atop a car in an Instagram photo and officials were allegedly extremely angry when they saw it.

The buzz surrounding McGregor’s recent controversial actions lead some to believe that Buzz.IE’s report of a certain Irish superstar who is under surveillance from GARDA could be about Conor McGregor. A source informed that whenever this talent is in Ireland after traveling around, negative influences are drawn to him like “moths to a flame”. There was also an altercation at the bar that could have the celebrity in some big trouble. Check out their quote below:

“This person would have grown up with some of these people. Whenever he is back in Ireland, they are drawn to him likes moths to a flame. Recently officers from certain specialist units have been given the go-ahead to operate surveillance posts on [the celebrity] when he is in the country. He is not a person of interest per se, but the people he hangs around with would make him close to one.”

“[The celebrity] made a massive mistake when he attacked the young man. He didn’t know who he was dealing with, but he certainly does now and is desperate to make a deal with him. But unluckily for him, he has been told where to go.”

The Star also dished out details on the situation, claiming that this celebrity also had an altercation with a fan who had his phone smacked out of his hands. Sound familiar?

Also, the aggressive celebrity allegedly left a bad impression on a OAP criminal after his son was beat up in the club. BUZZ.IE said, “It’s believed the pensioner criminal — who was once a leading member of the IRA in the capital and was close to slain gangster Mark ‘The Guinea Pig’ Desmond — was left furious after the incident.”

Do you think McGregor is hanging out with the wrong people?