Sage Northcutt Does Absolutely Hilarious Parody Of Himself

UFC lightweight competitor Sage “Super” Northcutt has a history of trying acrobatic flips, among other stunts, and posting them to the internet. Now, the fighter has been featured in a skit.

In a hilarious new video, “Super” Northcutt can be seen playing a police detective. Naturally, the fighter plays a parody of himself.

Set up to be the bad cop, in the good cop bad cop routine involving an interrogation, the fighter enters the room and immediately lets out a radiant smile. Of course, the fighter acts nice as ever.

The hilarious skit can be seen below.

Detective Supe Sage Northcutt is Your Worst Nightmare

If you break the law, you'll have to answer to Detective Sage Northcutt.

Posted by Champions on Tuesday, April 25, 2017