St. Petersburg Subway Blast: At Least 10 Killed

A bomb has gone off in a St. Petersburg subway train in Russia. An estimated 50 are wounded with 10 individuals having died. The event is being viewed as a potential act of terror.

As written by AnonNews,

“One of the blasts came from a device that appeared to be filled with shrapnel, Sky News reported. Putin said investigators were looking into all possible causes. Russia’s Fontanka newspaper reported that an unexploded device turned up at a different subway station as crews worked to deactivate it.

The unidentified explosive device blew up at 2:20 p.m. on a train that was leaving the Technology Institute station and heading to the Sennaya Square station, Russia’s National Anti-Terrorist Committee said. Photos and video from Sennaya Square appeared to show wounded victims on the smoke-filled platform, and a train car with a door blown out. Frantic commuters reached out through the doors and windows, shouting, ‘Call an ambulance!'”

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