Suspended UFC Fighter Looking at Six Month Penalty

UFC President Dana White responds to being cussed out on social media by Mark Hunt after he was removed from the main event of UFC Fight Night Sydney.

It would appear that UFC welterweight Lyman Good will be facing a six month suspension for testing positive for a banned substance found in a tainted vitamin.

As reported by MMA Fighting, Good’s six month ban will be retroactive to last October 24, as that is when the suspension was first decreed.

Good’s lawyer spoke with MMA Fighting about the incident.

“USADA found that Lyman’s October 2016 flagged urine specimen was the result of tainted vitamins and not the result of any intentional violation. His competition ban will be lifted this month and he looks forward to returning to UFC competition. We never stopped believing that the truth would finally come out. He’s a special person. This is great news, but will still never reverse the fact he missed UFC 205 and the damage to his reputation.” He said.

Good was initially pulled from a potential bout with Belal Muhammad at UFC 205, when he failed his drug test.