The Secret Behind GGG’s Knockout Power Punches — Watch!

Gennady Golovkin stands as the middleweight champion of IBF, WBA, WBC, and IBO. Beyond that, the boxer remains undefeated with a record of 37-0. The striking phenom has garnered a grand total of 33 knockouts in his decorated career. With phenomenal ability comes phenomenal curiosity.

ESPN Sports Science has decided to study the striking power of the boxing phenom to determine what exactly is giving the athlete his knockout power. The Sports Science Lab decided to collect some data on the speed of Golovkin’s hip rotation, in an attempt to quantify the fighter’s power.

Striking power, generally speaking, is believed to originate in the movement of the hips. The follow through of hip movement with each punch provides much of the strike’s power. As a result, the ESPN Sports Science Lab decided to make that an integral portion of the study.

In the results, it was found that Golovkin’s hips rotate at an average of 240 degrees per second during a given strike. A strike by the boxer averages at 2,159 pounds of force. For the full results, see the video below.