Viral: Blackbelt Trolls Entire Gym By Pretending He’s A Whitebelt

A few years ago, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) black belt Alex Vamos made a trip over to Alan Belcher MMA Club. The Vamos Bros MMA black belt did so under the guise of being a white belt newbie. As a result, Alex Vamos managed to turn some heads inside the gym.

Showing up as a white belt, the trained martial artists decided to prank the Alan Belcher school by being the “new annoying white belt” of the day. As a finishing touch, Vamos even puts the belt on incorrectly.

The black belt then went through drills with the school, giddily asking questions on technique all the while. After trumping a few of the schools practitioners on the mat, people began asking questions.

You can see the prank in its entirety in the video below.