World Renowned BJJ Fighter Takes On Kung Fu Legend — Watch!

The idea of pitting two experts of different martial arts should sound extremely familiar to mixed martial arts fans, as that’s the mindset the Ultimate Fighting Championship was built off of over twenty years ago. Of course, the sport has changed so much since then and every fighter that steps into the octagon today have hybrid styles, sampling a bit of a couple different martial arts.

Looking back just ten years ago, you can see how much the sport has evolved since its inception. However, going back past the inception of the UFC to watch some of the foreign mixed martial arts bouts could blow you away as the brutality and aggression could match that of some of the fighters of today.

So what happens when a kung-fu master squares off with a grappling ace from the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu academy? Fans gathered in a gymnasium to watch these two fighters square off and it didn’t last long; The grappler took the kung-fu master to the mat and submitted him with the greatest of ease.

It’s interesting to watch how quickly the grappler transitions from spot to spot. Years ago, people would have been left scratching their heads wondering how to defend such an aggressive style of fighting. Now, if someone transitions that easily, even the couch potatoes who watch the sport critique the victim for just letting it happen.

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