5 Years Ago, Mike Tyson Warned Of Jon Jones Heading Towards “The Dark Side”

Back in 2012, former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight Jon “Bones” Jones was arrested for driving under the influence. Then, in 2015, the former UFC champion turned himself in for a hit-and-run incident.

Now, the fighter is nearing the end of a USADA enforced suspension for an anti-doping policy violation. However, boxing phenom Mike Tyson had some words of wisdom concerning the former champion back in 2012.

In an interview with WWE’s Paul Heyman, Mike Tyson had the following to say: “It depends on Jon, basically, what Jon wants to do. Number one, incidents like this, it basically turns into support system. A guy like me, when I was living my life making millions of dollars, I didn’t have a support system.

“I had a bad support system so I received bad support. So, in an incident like this, we don’t know. No one really knows Jon Jones, we just know he’s a splendid fighter. We’ve never seen a UFC fighter like that. Wow, i just wish the best happens out of this situation.

“Just like so many people love him, there’s very few people out there in a position to put him in a bad place. We’re gonna find out from this situation if Jon Jones is gonna make us continue to love him for his great fighting and the way he carries himself, as a great individual and humanitarian, or is he gonna let the bright lights and dark shadows invade his life and be one of those rising meteors, he just flies through the air and lights the world up and then he dies down in the moment. I hope not, because we all respect Jon and Jon appears to be a very nice guy and respectable guy. I just hope the best for him because I’ve been through those situations before. I’m pretty dark in my life. I come from a dark place. Wow, I just hope the best for Mr. Jon. Take care champ.”