53 Year Old Dad Fights His 21 Year Old MMA Fighter Son On One Hour Notice

Mixed martial arts is a sport filled with odd experiences, unorthodox occurrences and simply strange matchups. Back in 2012, not much was different. For this matchup, a man was set to face an opponent half his age.

The older gentlemen, 53-year-old Tim Karaker, supposedly took the fight on a single hours notice. However, by the end of the bout, it became clear to the room that this bout was going to make it to “fight of the night.”

In presence for the match, UFC Hall-of-Fame inductee Stephan Bonnar recorded the fight for all to see. Shortly after the bout, Bonnar approached Tim Karaker and congratulated him on his victory.

The video also claims that the man’s opponent, someone potentially half his age, was his “illegitimate son.” At any rate, the bout made for an exciting matchup that seems to have gotten Stephan Bonnar riled up in joy.