A Rare Double KO Happened In Muay Thai — Watch Now!

During a recent Max Muay Thai event, the unexpected happened when two fighters appeared to knock each other out at the same time.

Dorian Price, a former cast member of The Ultimate Fighter,  and Johnathan Lecat managed to hit devastating shots at exactly the same time.

Price landed a strong right hand to Lecat’s jaw, while Lecat landed a lethal elbow. Both shots landed and resulted in both fighters landing flat on the mat.

It appeared that both fighters had been knocked unconscious. However, Price managed to get back to his feet resulting in him being awarded the knockout victory.

After the fight, Price spoke to BloodyElbow about his memorable win.

“I really don’t too much remember it, but I’m glad everybody seems to like it. Normally, I get 3 days off after a fight, but I think after the response I might get a full week… I’m glad everybody was entertained.”

In the video below, you can see the crazy finish to this Muay Thai fight.