Aging Father Fights 21-Year-Old Son On One-Hour Notice

Back in 2012, Tim Karaker made his professional MMA debut at 53-years old.

On the day of his first MMA fight, Karaker has no intentions of fighting. He showed up to watch some local MMA fights, and when he arrived, he was asked to compete.

Karaker’s opponent was a 21-year-old who appeared to be his son.

The two fighters fought back-and-forth in an exciting battle, similar to what you would see between family members. After about three minutes, the older man was able to prevail and won the fight by knockout.

In attendance for the fight was UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar, who also filmed the fight. Throughout the fight, you can hear Bonnar say this is awesome. After the fight, Bonnar walked into the cage and told Karaker that he was his hero.