“Bigfoot” Silva Reveals Shocker: ‘I’m doping on PEDs again’

Former UFC heavyweight title challenger Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva recently admitted to taking performance-enhancing drugs.

In a recent interview with a Russian news site, Silva admitted to using PEDs when he was asked about the subject.

“I must say, I’m doping! But now I will not tell you what exactly I’m taking. You’ll find out everything on Thursday’s weigh-in. June 1, wait for a confession!” Silva said (translated by Google).

During his rise in the heavyweight division, Silva was a recipient of testosterone replacement therapy. Shortly after the UFC banned TRT, Silva went on a losing streak which resulted in him being cut from the promotion.

Silva is scheduled to fight former Bellator Heavyweight Champion Vitaly Minakov on June 2 at Fight Nights Global 68 in Russia.

Silva is on a four-fight losing streak. He was cut from the UFC following knockout losses to Mark Hunt, Stefan Struve, and Roy Nelson. In his first fight outside the UFC, “Bigfoot” lost a decision to Ivan Shtyrkov in Russia.