Brock Lesnar Scares The Crap Out Of FOX’s Colin Cowherd

Heavyweight mixed martial artists can be quite intimidating. The concept of strength fused with fighting skill is one of genius for any fight promoter, but one fear for any potential recipient of that fighter’s anger. UFC’s Brock Lesnar was not much different.

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar was a terrifying force inside the octagon. An accomplished wrestler and avid learner of the striking game, Brock Lesnar quickly became serious challenge for the top contenders of the division.

While many of the UFC’s mixed martial artists have the ability to be intimidating when they desire, Brock Lesnar put his ability on full display back in 2012. The former champion can be seen having a moment with FOX reporter Colin Cowherd behind the scenes in the video below.

Brock Lesnar shakes hands with the reporter, then refuses to let go. Tightening his grip, the former champion begins to give the reporter an intimidating glare. For the full run in, view the video below.