Chuck Liddell Clears The Air On Comeback Rumors … And It’s Not Looking Good

Rumors have recently been spreading that former UFC light heavyweight champion and mixed martial arts legend Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell may be making a return to the octagon. Now “The Iceman” has decided to provide an update on the recent rumors.

John Hackleman, longtime coach to Chuck Liddell, recently revealed that the former champion would possibly return to the sport under the proper circumstances. However, Liddell has now provided his own thoughts on the matter.

In an interview with Bleach Report, Liddell stated:

“Let me tell you about Hackleman,” Liddell told Bleacher Report in an exclusive interview. “The first time we ever had a big television network come out to cover one of our fights, it was CNBC. It was a big deal to be on a show like that because UFC was first becoming mainstream.

“They talked to Hackleman first and then they came to me all excited. ‘He said you got so scared before a fight that you have to crawl into bed and cuddle with him the night before.’ And they were serious. He made them believe it. I just started laughing. Hackleman is nuts. My favorite kind of nuts. He likes to mess with people.

“Someone said Anderson Silva and GSP would be a $12 million fight,” Liddell said of Georges St-Pierre. “I told people that for $12 million, I’d fight them both right now. At the same time. People took that as ‘He’s going to fight again.’ It was a joke. But if you came up with $12 million, yeah, of course I will fight again. I’ve got a puncher’s chance against anybody.”