CM Punk Loses Again, Then Gets Punked On T.V. And Called Out For Losing In The UFC Too

Things got heated with UFC fighter CM Punk in the latest episode of MTV’s The Challenge.

The show features professional athletes competing against reality TV stars in grueling, physical challenges.

In a recent episode, Punk lost one of the challenges and upset another contestant by not being upset.

Despite losing, Punk was happy and making jokes. This upset another contestant who called Punk out and mentioned Punk’s loss in the UFC.

In his MMA debut, Punk fought Mickey Gall at UFC 203. It took Gall only a few seconds to pummel and submit the former WWE champion.

“I was either going to win gloriously or die a glorious death,” Punk said about his UFC debut. “And that’s something somebody like you is never going to understand. Because they would never let you in because nobody would ever pay a dime to see your (expletive).”