Dana White Reveals What’s Next For Cris Cyborg Following Magana Assault

UFC President Dana White recently shared details about what could be next for Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino.

Justino has found herself in hot water following her actions during the UFC Athlete Retreat this past weekend.

During the retreat, “Cyborg” confronted UFC strawweight fighter Angela Magana. Recently, Magana had tweeted insults towards Justino about her appearance. While confronting Magana, Justino ended up punching her in the face.

On Tuesday, White spoke to the media and gave an update on Justino’s future.

“Obviously, we’re looking more into that, and it’s very serious,” White said. “We’ll see what happens. This is a thing that the district attorney and police are handling. There is way more to that than just ‘what am I thinking about it.’”

While many people have been anticipating news on when, or who, “Cyborg” would fight next. It appears Justino may be in some serious legal trouble due to her assault on Magana.