FBI Agent Turns On U.S., Marries ISIS Operative She Was Investigating And Defects

In 2014, Daniela Greene, an FBI translator, traveled to Syria and had been given a top-secret security clearance.

During her trip, Greene married a key ISIS operative who she had been assigned to investigate by the FBI.

The man she married, Denis Cuspert, was a German rapper turned ISIS pitchman. He would recruit people for violent jihadists. He went by the rap name Deso Dogg. Cuspert had made songs praising Osama bin Laden and threatening former US President Barack Obama.

According to federal court records, Greene had lied to the FBI and warned her husband about the FBI’s investigation of him.

Shortly after getting married, Greene fled back to the United States after realizing she had made a mistake. She was sentenced to two years in prison for her crimes. She was released last summer.

To this point, Greene’s story has not been highly publicized due to its embarrassing breach of national security for the FBI.

The FBI, in a statement to CNN, said in response to Greene’s case it “took several steps in a variety of areas to identify and reduce security vulnerabilities. The FBI continues to strengthen protective measures in carrying out its vital work.”