Fighter Breaks Judges Jaw After Bad Decision

It has been reported that a mixed martial artist who recently lost in a matchup, faced the night’s referee with force. The losing fighter is reported to have broken his jaw.

As reported by Russian media, mixed martial artist Gadzhimurad Hiramagomedov recently faced a loss to fellow fighter Georgiy Kichigi by way of decision.

Directly after the loss, Gadzhimurad Hiramagomedov made his way to the hotel room of vice-president of the Union of MMA of Russia Radmir Gabdullin. There, an altercation is reported to have occured.

Radmir Gabdullin has allegedly suffered a concussion and a double jaw fracture from the incident. The assault is believed to be related to Gadzhimurad Hiramagomedov being under the impression that Radmir Gabdullin influenced the decision of the fight.