FOX Books Mousasi On An Interview With Bisping … Bad Idea … The Two Talk Trash On Live T.V. — Replay!

UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping and top contender Gegard Mousasi got into a heated argument during a recent episode of UFC Tonight.

Bisping and Mousasi began trading verbal jabs back and forth when the two began discussing Mousasi deserving a shot at the UFC title.

“You did get knocked out by Uriah Hall,” Bisping said to Mousasi.

“That was a fluke. You said it yourself. I watched that one. It did happen. The best fighter doesn’t always win. It happened with you and Luke Rockhold,” Mousasi responded.

Back in June, Bisping knocked out then-champion Luke Rockhold to win the UFC middleweight title.

Bisping and Mousasi then began arguing over Bisping being picky about who he fights, and Mousasi refusing to sign a deal to re-sign with the UFC.

“You’re not even in the UFC right now,” Bisping said.

“That’s good for you,” Mousasi responded.

In the video above, you can watch the entire segment with Bisping and Mousasi.