FOX News Anchor Takes On Pro MMA Fighter — Must Watch!

Vice media co-founder, and occasional FOX News contributor, Gavin McInnes once fought in a boxing match for his YouTube series back in 2009.

McInnes was challenged by Eric “Meathead” Chan, who claimed to be a professional fighter.

At the start of the fight, you would assume that neither man was a professional fighter. The fight better resembled two men who put on boxing gloves and decided to box in their backyard.

Eventually, Chan began landing some good shots, and after a solid combination, he knocked out McInnes.

After the fight, McInnes visited the hospital and received a CT scan.

“My brains a little swollen, but I’m going to live,” McInnes said following his hospital visit.

In the end, McInnes seemed to have enjoyed his experience and has gone on to achieve greater things despite not being a good fighter.